EMC/EMI Filter for Installations with Residual Current Device(RCD)
Single Phase 1 Stage Filter-FB101 Series
*General Purpose AC/DC EMI Filter *Hight Attenuation Performance And *Hight Differential-mode Attenuation
Single Phase 2 Stage Filter - FB200 Series
*Multi-stage AC/DC EMI Filter with Excellent Attenuation Performance *Hight differential and common-mode attenuation


Candid Technology Ltd.,-Candtek’s brand was establishment in 2013, Candtek the design basis with a high performance and low leakage current EMI/EMC/RFI filter, Candtek is differentiated from competitor products in the market. Candtek are providing customers with reasonable prices and high performance quality EMC/EMI Filter products. Candtek’s EMC/EMI Filter products were got CB, ENEC and VDE approvals by VDE Testing and Certification Institute in German in 2016 and 2017 year.

Candtek EMC filter

FB101 Series – Single Phase 1 stage

  • FB101 10A
    FB101 10A
  • FB101 6A
    FB101 6A
  • FB101 30A
    FB101 30A
  • FB101 15A
    FB101 15A
  • FB101 20A
    FB101 20A

FB200 Series – Single Phase 2 stage

  • FB200 30A
    FB200 30A
  • FB200 15A
    FB200 15A
  • FB200 10A
    FB200 10A
  • FB200 6A
    FB200 6A
  • FB200 20A
    FB200 20A

FC100 series – three phase 1 stage

  • FC100 150A
    FC100 150A
  • FC100 25A
    FC100 25A
  • FC100 100A
    FC100 100A
  • FC100 200A
    FC100 200A
  • FC100 55A
    FC100 55A
  • FC100 250A
    FC100 250A
  • FC100 130A
    FC100 130A
  • FC100 10A
    FC100 10A
  • FC100 45A
    FC100 45A
  • FC100 65A
    FC100 65A
  • FC100 80A
    FC100 80A
  • FC100 300A
    FC100 300A

Customization & O.E.M

FC100 series - three-phase 300A above are guest set!


Certification of Safety by CE、UL、cUL、VDE、ETL、GB and RoHS standard.
IEC CB/CE certification
ENEC10 badge
AIG product liability insurance
VDE certification
ISO 9001:2000

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