FB101-015-01 15A


  1. Universal single-phase power supply filter, rated current from 6A to 30A
  2. Fast connection terminals and M4 screw terminal form, can also choose to use the outlet connection
  3. Low leakage current version selection
  4. Through the CB, ENEC, VDE and CE safety certification
  5. Used in electrical and electronic equipment, household electrical appliances, automation equipment, sports equipment
  6. Can be customized according to the requirements of OEM



  • Rated voltage          115/250 VAC
  • Rated current          15A
  • Leakage current         @115VAC 60Hz / 250VAC 50Hz 0.9mA / 0.45mA
  • Withstand voltage (line to line) 1450VDC
  • Withstand voltage (line to ground) 2250VDC
  • Temperature range of           -25 ~ 100˚C (IEC60068-1)
  • Safety Certification             CB, ENEC, VDE, CE
  • Design corresponding to IEC / EN 60939-2 and RoHS
  • Design corresponding to IEC / EN 50370-2, IEC / EN60335-1 and IEC / EN 60204-1



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